The Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

Reflections by Fr. F.X. Lasance

I.        The Resurrection of Our Lord

Offered for Faith, Hope, and Charity.

O Christ Jesus! Thou comest forth glorious from the tomb, victorious over all infernal powers; henceforth sufferings and death have lost their empire over Thy golrious humanity. What a consolation for us to know that, though confined to the humble condition of Thy sacrament, Thou art in full possession of the life, joy, and glory of Thy resurrection!

We adore Thee, O immortal King of ages, and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother a lively and loving faith in Thy real and life-giving presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

II.       The Ascension of Our Lord

Offered for confidence in God and desire of heaven.

O divine Saviour! Thy triumph in this mystery has reached its perfection! By raising Thyself up to heaven through Thy own power, Thou hast taken possession of Thy Kingdom, and Thou art seated at the right hand of Thy Father to be forever the joy of the angels and saints. Every day also without quitting Thy throne Thou comest upon our altars, under the form of bread, to bring us a foretaste of the heavenly beatitude.

O Thou, the delight of pure souls, we adore Thee and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, an ardent desire of possessing Thee here below under the Eucharistic veils, and to possess Thee in heaven in the splendor of Thy glory.

III.     The Decent of the Holy Ghost Upon the Apostles

Offered for the gifts of the Holy Ghost, for love of God and zeal for the salvation of souls.

O Jesus, scarcely hadst Thou entered into Thy glory at the right hand of the Father, when Thou didst show Thy munificence by sending forth the Holy Ghost with His many and various gifts to Thy growing Church. From the Eucharist, as if from another heaven, wherein Thou hast set up Thy throne of love, Thou dost impart to souls the spirit of life and strength, and Thou dost enkindle in them the fire of Thy divine charity.

O Jesus, King in heaven, King also in the Eucharist, we adore Thee and we beg of Thee, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, fidelity to grace in order to reap all the fruits produced in the souls of men by the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

IV.     The Death and Assumption of Mary

Offered for filial devotion to Mary.

O Jesus, no longer could Thou leavest here below Thy blessed Mother; already she didst hear Thy voice calling her, and amid the transports of an ineffable communion, Thy love didst take away her soul from the land of exile. But her virginal body, like that of her divine Son, must not know corruption; so Thou didst raise her from the dead, and, brilliant as the sun, assume her soaring on angels' wings to the seat of eternal glory.

O Jesus, our resurrection and our life, we adore Thee and we pray that, through the intercession of Thy holy Mother, we may die in the arms of her who is also our own Mother, after having received in a fervent communion the pledge of our glorious resurrection.

V.      The Crowning of Mary in Heaven

Offered for perseverance unto a happy death will merit a crown of eternal glory.

Divine Son of Mary, to make Thy holy Mother partaker of Thy own glory, Thou hast crowned her queen of heaven and earth and appointed her our advocate and the living channel of Thy graces. From the Eucharist not less than from heaven, Thou willest that every grace shall reach us through her maternal hands.

O Jesus, we adore Thee in Thy unspeakable glory, of which Thou hast made Thy Mother partake with Thee, and we beg Thee, through the intercession, a great confidence in her powerful protection and great earnestness in imitating her virtues; in particular her purity, humility, and fidelity to grace.